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Our Story


What is beauty? When we call a chair or table beautiful, what we are really saying is that we like the way of life its suggesting to us, it has an attitude we are attracted to. We are highly susceptible to our environments and have passionate feeling towards matters of home decoration. A sofa with beautifully tapered legs, the rich patina on a table, a lamp that casts a soft glow, these are the things that make life seem more serene and meaningful. They support our attempts to become better versions of ourselves. Returning a piece of timeworn furniture to its natural splendor is like honoring our forefathers and preparing the furniture for their voyage into the future. This is our passion.

Bromley Antique Restoration began on October 1st, 1997. Three optimistic people developed a partnership and began a business that is now going on it’s 18th year. We have experienced many changes in those 18 years. One of the principles, Bill Bromley, retired last March. We miss him a great deal but admire his decision to enjoy his retirement.